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TruColor Liquid Shine Natural Food Color

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TruColor Liquid Shine metallic paints are state-of-the-art food colors that can be applied directly onto chocolate, candies, waxy surfaces, rolled fondant, royal icing, gum paste and virtually any food product; having the most amazing intense shiny light reflective colors, TruColor Liquid Shine Metallic Paints can be sprayed with an airbrush gun or painted on with a paintbrush; these paints will completely cover a surface with solid metallic color
These liquid food paints (also called “mineral interference paint for chocolate”) can be sprayed from heavy to lighter to create a fade effect; Paint works very well on almost any food surface, including icing, gumpaste and fondant that has been given just a little time to set and dry or form a dry crust; TruColor is 100-percent-natural plant-and-mineral-based food color; no synthetic color, no artificial preservatives; made from fruits, seeds, vegetables, minerals and other all-natural sources
TruColor Liquid Shine metallic paints are unprecedented in hue and brilliance; Liquid Shine natural-food-color paints were designed to be airbrushed onto hard-to-color chocolate surfaces evenly without beading up on the waxy surface; they can also be used to paint light reflective hues on virtually any food product; natural food color paints can also be painted or sprayed onto the surface of chocolate molds, then left to dry before adding chocolate into the mold, for spectacular metallic effects
Liquid Gold Shine ingredients: organic cane alcohol, mica-based pearlescent pigment, annatto, water; no FD&C dyes, no artificial preservatives; free of soya, gluten, wheat, milk, eggs, fish and crustacean shell fish; made in USA; RCC kosher certified; read label before using; TruColor food colors are developed with vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that keep your body working properly and may help prevent disease
TruColor, the cutting edge of natural-food-color development, provides state-of-the-art natural food colors for everyone, bringing to bear all the wholesome beautiful and brilliant colors found in nature; TruColor is continuously working to bring never-before-seen natural colors to everyone to make them stronger and better than any other natural color product ever created