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Cup 16 oz Styrofoam, 25 ct

Regular price $3.85

One-piece molded construction
Economical choice for any cost-conscious business
Provides excellent insulation for hot or cold beverages
Distinctive pedestal design allows the cup to be stacked
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Classic White Color

The classic white color is versatile enough to match any venue's decor while providing a blank canvas for you to accessorize. That said, you can easily make this item your own by adding a company logo or business name to the side of it. Building your brand has never been easier due to this item's simple and effective design! However, you choose, send your patrons out with the style and convenience of this reliable white foam cup.

Seam free

With a one-piece construction, this cup has zero seams, eliminating any chance of liquids leaking through! This not only reduces accidental waste but also saves you cleanup time and costs.

Visible Fill Line

A fill line makes it easy for employees and guests alike to fill the cup just the right amount, and the smooth lip provides easy sipping when used without a lid.

Pedestal Design

These cups easily stack together to free up valuable storage space in your back-of-house operation or self-serve venue, owing to their distinctive pedestal design.

Insulated Foam Construction

With a one-piece molded foam construction, this cup offers wonderful insulation qualities that help to keep cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm throughout your establishment. While the exterior of this item helps to protect your guests' hands from steaming beverage orders, the interior is excellently insulated to keep your iced or frozen drinks cold and your hot beverages hot. So be sure to invest in a reliable drinkware item that maintains temperature, quality, and taste to increase your valued customers' satisfaction! Comes 1 pack of 25 Cups.