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3D Jelly Art Tools SET C Flower Set Gelatin Needles Cake Decorating

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11 PCS/SET 3D Jelly Flower Art Tools Set Stainless Steel
Jelly Gelatin Pudding Needles Syringe Russian Tips Cake Decorating

Package Included: 1 SET (1 PC Syringe & 10 PCS Needles)

Specification & Caution:

1. Material: Stainless steel needles & plastic syringe.

2. Cleaning: Must be cleaned with warm water before use.

3. Storage: Keep at room temperature and keep dry.

4. Caution: This is not a toy, Keep away from children.

5. Product size: Needle: Approx: 5*2.5cm Syringe: Approx: 11cm


Step 1: Allow Jelly tools to soak in warm water to clean.

Step 2: Wash all jelly tools and syringe connection.

Step 3: Prepare production materials and start production.

There are many videos available online for making gorgeous edible show pieces......